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11/30/2016 UPDATE: Bryan Health Angel Eye Project

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We’re happy to report that the Angel Eye project is coming along nicely. In 2016, The Bryan Health NICU was the lead gift for the 2016 Git-R-Done Golf Classic. The NICU received 23 camera units for families with babies staying at the NICU. This Angel Eye project brings the families closer when it isn’t possible to be at the hospital due to work or other obstacles. Families can check in and even interact through a messaging system. We are so proud of this...

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2016-09-25 Arnold Palmer, Beloved Philanthropist, Passes Away

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As the world knows now, Arnold Palmer passed away. Below is what my wife, Cara, had to say. I think she summed it up perfectly. During the coarse of the next few days you will hear about all the amazing achievements of Mr. Arnold Palmer. His golf career is LEGEND and his life is a testament to the American dream. The Lord teaches us that all things good must be built on a solid foundation. Arnold Palmer’s Hospital for Children is the solid foundation that the Wyatt Whitney Hip & Orthopedic Institute is built. It was an exceptional honor to share a moment in time with Mr. Palmer (and even drank an Arnold Palmer iced tea with him). He was funny, patient and very kind to us. I will be FOREVER grateful for his philanthropy. Our work would not have been possible without his help. “Good deeds” won’t get any of us into heaven, but they sure do make this world a better place to live. Thank you for your “good works” Mr....

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09/21/2016 UPDATE: Baby Tory Baby Simulator- Bryan Health Lincoln, NE

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The Git-R-Done Foundation helped Bryan Health purchase a baby simulator in 2015. They have been putting it to good use! Due to our NICU patient growth, we have experienced an increase in hiring NICU Nurses. During the recent training and new hire orientation, Our Simulator Preemie (generosity donated by Git R Done) was an tremendous resource…again and again and...

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01/21/2016 UPDATE- International Hip Dysplasia Institute Review of Concepts

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Here is a recent review from the IHDI regarding Adult HD. Click HERE for the link

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01/07/2016 UPDATE Dogs Helping Heroes

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Below is a nice note and picture we received from Dogs Helping Heroes. They are a great organization that helps our veterans with PTSD and one of the recipients of a 2015 donation from The Git-R-Done Foundation. If you want to know more about Dogs Helping Heroes, visit their website, Dogs Helping Heroes Thank you for contributing to our mission! A dog and hero will be rescued! Attached is a pic of hero, Mike Mabe, with his service dog, Bronx. This pic was taken yesterday at a restaraunt. Mr. Mabe has not been to a restraraunt for a long time due to his PTSD. Mr. Mabe now has freedom back in his...

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01/05/2016 Wings of Hope Donation

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Thanks for the kind words from Wings of Hope. The Git-R-Done Foundation is really proud to support Wings of Hope with a 2015 donation. Be sure to follow their great work at Wings of Hope...

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01/05/2016 International Hip Dysplasia Institute and Safe Swaddling

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The IHDI recently suggested the following website below for safe swaddling techniques: Hip Healthy Australia Don’t forget you can follow the IHDI on Facebook at IHDI Facebook or their website at hipdysplasia.org

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01/04/2016: 2015 Donations Granted

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We are proud to announce the organizations that received grants from us this year. Follow Larry on Facebook as he posts updates on these organizations. The Bryan Foundation Missing Children Minnesota The Promise House Wounded Warriors Family Support Operation Homefront Wings of Hope Dog Helping Heroes Ted E. Bear Hollow Midwest Geriatrics Redeeming Life Outreach Ministries Food Bank of Lincoln Fleece For Keeps Edgerton Explorit Center YMCA Jacob’s Ladder Thearpeutic Riding Center Christian Layman Corps First Chance Center Southern Appalachian Ronald McDonald House Madonna Rehabilitation...

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08/26/2015 UPDATE from Jorge Zuniga of Creighton University on Low Cost Prosthetics

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From Jorge Zuniga Ph.D. Department of Exercise Science and Pre-Health Professions Director of 3D Research & Innovation Laboratory Creighton University The 3D prosthetic Cyborg Shoulder is completed and it was a success! Antonio loves his new shoulder and in about two weeks he is coming to make small adjustments to it. We need to make it narrower for symmetry purposes. The first thing we noticed was the dramatic change on his posture. The 3D prosthetic Cyborg Shoulder seems to partially correct his severe spinal deviation. We are working on ways to quantify this change and report it. Antonio’s mom also reported improved balance after using this device. We keep learning about these new devices and we are really excited. I would like to thank my research assistant Adam Carson for doing the 3D designing and our clinicians Jean Peck OT, CHT and Tom Kalina C.P. for doing the fitting, measurements, and all the tasks to make this 3D printed prosthetic shoulder...

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The Git-R-Done Golf Classic Aces It Again!

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Larry the Cable Guy’s Git-R-Done Golf Classic Aces It Again LINCOLN, NE- June 30- The Git-R-Done Foundation pulled off the hugely successful 2nd Annual Git-R-Done Golf Classic recently. With help from sponsors like Cabela’s, Larry brought friends from near and far to raise money for charity. Guests were treated with a laugh filled party and round of golf that included celebrity guests, Super Bowl Champion Quarterback Joe Theismann, Bruce Hall, Dave Amato and Brian Hitt from the classic rock band REO Speedwagon, PGA’s Boo Weekley and local Huskers favorites, Johnny Rodgers and Mark Banker. “What better way to raise money than to have fun?” said Larry the Cable Guy, AKA Dan Whitney. “The 2nd Annual Git-R-Done Golf Classic was a big hit and we hope the third will be even bigger!” This year’s lead gift supported The Bryan Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Rooftop Healing Garden. The rooftop garden is a dedicated outdoor/indoor space for families experiencing the hardship of an extended hospital stay. While most hospital stays for expecting parents and babies are only a few days; each year more than 500 ba¬bies are cared for in the Bryan NICU due to prematurity, congenital disorder or other pregnancy complications. Some families find themselves in need of extended care and services and those days, weeks and months can be difficult to face inside the hospital walls. The garden will be a respite area for families and caregivers outside the confines of the hospital and create near-by access to a pleasant outdoor environment devoted to reducing stress, anxiety and emotional distress and while increasing decision-making clarity and a sense of well-being. “We’re grateful to Larry the Cable Guy and the Git-R-Done Foundation for choosing the Bryan Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Rooftop Healing Garden,” said Bob Ravenscroft, vice president of advancement and chief development officer for Bryan Health. “This puts us over the top of our fundraising goal for this phase of our project allowing us to start construction in July, and propels us into Phase II of the campaign which is to secure $2.5 million for ongoing programmatic and capital support of our NICU.” Additional funds from the event will be used to support The Git-R-Done Foundation’s mission to support children and veterans’ charity organizations. This year’s event was SOLD OUT in February so stay tuned for information on The 3rd Annual Git-R-Done Golf...

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